Lunch Box Knife


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4.125 inches closed length. 8CR13MOV satin finished blade, Coffee Brown Bone handle, mirror polished stainless-steel bolters. Knife separates into 2 parts for individual use of the fork and the knife.


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The Outdoor Life Lunch Box knife is a product designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts and campers. The Outdoor Life Lunch Box knife prioritizes durability, functionality, and portability. The design features are:

Quality Construction: The knife is made from high-quality stainless steel to withstand outdoor use and exposure to the elements. It is designed in a classic trapper style and has an elegant jigged brown bone handle and Outdoor Life color filled shield in the handle..

Multifunctionality: Like other hobo style knives, it incorporates a knife blade and a fork, this specially designed trapper lunch box knife separates so the knife and fork can be used independently.

Compact Design: The knife is designed to be easily carried like a standard trapper knife, in the pocket or in a leather belt sheath. This would make it convenient to carry in a backpack or with camping gear without taking up too much space.

Rugged and Reliable: Outdoor Life products aim for durability and reliability, so the Outdoor Life Lunchbox knife is built to withstand rough handling and use in various outdoor conditions.

Overall, the Outdoor Life Lunch Box knife would be a versatile and essential tool for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures, providing convenience and functionality for meal preparation and eating on the go or at base camp.